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Invisalign® vs Braces for Teens

If your teenager has crooked teeth or gaps between teeth, orthodontic treatment may be required. There are a couple of options available, and your teenager may want to understand the difference between traditional braces and invisible aligners (or Invisalign®) before making a decision.

Teenagers often have concerns about their appearance when they find out they need braces. For this, they can choose between clear or tooth-colored braces instead of metal braces or in some cases they may also have the option to wear invisible aligners if eligible.

Invisible aligners are almost undetectable, there no wires or brackets for people to see. They are convenient because they can be removed which is great for eating, brushing, playing sports, and playing musical instruments. Both Invisalign® and traditional braces will cause some discomfort when the teeth move, however, invisible aligners are more comfortable on a day to day basis since there are no wires or brackets in the mouth. Teens with clear or metal braces may need check ups by our orthodontist every month, while those with Invisalign® may not require as many follow-up appointments but will be required to change their aligners every two weeks.

While Invisalign® may seem like a great option to some teens over traditional braces, they are not suitable for every orthodontic problem and require strict compliance in order to work. They need to be worn at least 22 hours every day but removed for eating and cleaning. Also, the wearer needs to brush after every meal to avoid staining and tooth decay.

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