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Never too late for Braces – Adult Treatment Options

Are you one of those people who have reached adulthood and regret that you did not straighten your teeth at an earlier age? If so, then no need to worry since it is never too late for adult orthodontic treatment. Whatever your reason for not addressing the problem earlier, you can put it behind you by visiting Dr. Danilee Baldwin at Redmond Orthodontics and discussing a treatment plan that will work for you.

Many individuals are so self-conscious about their teeth that they are reluctant to smile. Also, it can be difficult to bite or chew food properly, and in some situations, teeth may be more susceptible to decay due to issue with bite functionality.

Some adults are reluctant to get braces because they don’t want other to notice or draw attention to themselves. It is important to keep in mind that braces are much smaller now and there are more discreet options available such as clear braces and invisible clear aligners such as Invisalign.

It’s never too late for adult orthodontic treatment, please contact us today at Redmond Orthodontics, to schedule a FREE initial consultation!